The People Behind Eight Bridges Brewing

Our diverse and unique team includes:

Brewmaster – Justin Beardsley
Justin has more than 7 years experience designing and brewing award winning beer using an all grain brewing system that he designed and built. His degree in Zoology gives him the knowledge to understand the biological and chemical reactions involved in the cooking, fermentation, and post-fermentation processes of beer making as well as the microbiology and organic/bio chemistry lab procedures and equipment used in beer making. He also has experience with automation, process control and six sigma methods. What you might not know about Justin, is before transferring to the Zoology department he spent 3 years as a Mechanical Engineering major which explains his ability to design machinery in an efficient manner and his penchant for MacGyver type solutions to problems using everyday materials.


President – George Beardsley
George has more than 30 years business experience in business start-up, turn-around and growth management environments and has spent the last 20 years helping small business owners and their teams grow their businesses. George has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration which has led to broad operational experience in industries ranging from heavy and light manufacturing, retail, consumer, and service. Combine this with his experience in home brewing and you can see why he is an invaluable member of our team!


Taproom Manager – Caitlyn Beardsley
While obtaining her BS in Psychology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, Caitlyn worked at Starbucks, beginning at the entry level and rising to shift manager. During her time at Starbucks she learned to balance a fun environment focused on creating awesome customer satisfaction while meeting company goals. She brings a life and energy to any situation she is in and we know you’ll enjoy getting to know her!


Marketing Development & Event Manager – Debbie Beardsley
Debbie will be responsible for the design and implementation of the market development strategy that will include an integration of events, social media, and public relations. Since she loves traveling in Europe and European beer, don’t be surprised if a group trip to Europe is on the horizon!

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