Keg Rentals

Have a kegerator?  Want a keg for your next party?

We offer both 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs. The table below can help you determine the size and number of kegs you may need for any event.

Keg Type



12oz (bottle) servings

16oz (pint) servings

cases of 24-12oz bottles

1/2 Barrel standard full size keg





1/6 Barrel 1/3 size keg





Ordering Process

  1. In order to purchase a keg you must be at least 21 years of age and have legal proof of ID.
  2. You may place your keg order by phone at (925) 961-9160, at least 48 hours before pick up.
  3. If we’re unable to fill your order, we will contact you to discuss.
  4. Kegs may be picked up during tasting room open hours only. When you arrive to pick up your keg you will need the following:
      • To fill out and sign a rental agreement
      • To provide information necessary to complete the California “Keg Registration Declaration and Receipt” for including:
        • The current address of the purchaser
        • The location/address where the keg will be served
        • A valid driver’s license and credit card to secure the deposit.
  5. Enjoy your beer and have fun responsibly. Please return the kegs to the brewery by the agreed upon date. If you have difficulties in returning the equipment give us a call.

NOTE:  If you do not have a home kegerator, you’ll need a jockey box to dispense the beer.  We recommend you contact Hop Tech in Dublin (925-875-0246).

If own a keg, either ball lock Corneilius or with American Sankey (‘D’ System) connector, we can fill it.  Corny kegs are to be brought in clean and sanitized.   The Sankey style will be cleaned with our system.  Corny kegs take up to 3 days to fill depending on availability, Sankey style 1 week.  Depending on what was in the Sankey style keg or its condition we reserve the right not to fill it.  Examples: Sour beer or a keg damaged beyond service.  Also, the keg cannot bear the name of another brewery, Microstar or any other keg leasing program.

Please be aware of your keg’s weight as you may require a friend (21 or older only) to assist you removing it from your vehicle and transporting it to the final destination.