It’s All About the Beer

What is our beer like? Our beer is traditional, but not too much… 

We use traditional malt grain, hops, and yeast from around the world to achieve beer that people enjoy drinking and talking about. Some are traditional styles and some are blends of styles all designed to be distinct in flavor balance, drinkability and freshness.

Even though most of us have a favorite beer, we also like to explore other styles, flavors and aromas which is the fun part of craft beer! Eight Bridges Brewing focuses on providing both your favorite and the variety that will keep you coming back for more!

Our beer recipe box currently contains Pilsner, Red Ale, Brown Ale, Kolsch, Russian Imperial Stout, Noble India Pale Lager, a Red IPA and a West Coast IPA. But we won’t stop here! You can count on a variety of seasonal beers that explore the magic of blending flavors that bring out all the complexities of yeast, malt and hop flavors which marry together to develop the awesome flavors and drinkability our beers are known for.

Currently On Tap